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For awhile now, I've been thinking about how rating communities make me feel: pretty bad. From getting rejected from several myself, where people call me stuff like "dog" to myself telling other people "ROFL @ your face!!", they don't do so good. Honestly,I've gotten a bit addicted to rating communities also. Besides, being a jerk like that and making comments about people is so much better in person. Plus, having the anonmity of the internet to hide behind is really cowardly, and I've had real life people pull stupid drama things only through the internet. So, needless to say, I'm leaving the handful of rating communities that I did get accepted into.

Now, this one is probably the hardest to leave, because I've done alot for it: the members page, redid the infopage, promoted like a mofo a few times, stamped and kept alot of applicants in line. But, I just feel that I need to leave. I've also made this decision not only based on my thoughts about rating comm's, but because unclefloyd and I got to talking, and he really put my thoughts into concrete.

So, I guess this is goodbye guys. Now, it's not really so much goodbye, as half of you are already on my personal friends list. If anymore of you would like to add me, feel free to, I'll add you back.
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Also, if anyone else likes the whole community idea, but is also tired of putting people down through the internet, check out:
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I just made it yesterday, I would love if you alot of you came and joined it, most of you are really kickass. It's going to be alot like this community, but without rating.

It was fun!! Peace.

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