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Oo Cool People Circle oO

you wish you were me

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There's really not a point to this community. Its sole purpose is to allow you to be weird and random. I'll eventually make an application for it, and start having a voting system. But, for now its just a place for you weirdos to do what you do best.

So...here's the deal.

In order to join click the link that says "to join this community, click here." If you just click the head in the blue box all it will do is add the community to your friend list. When i check my mail i will add you to the community and you may begin posting.

If you do not get a message saying that your request to join has been sent to me you did not do it right.

if you have any problems comment on my personal journal kidthatkids

The Rules for the Cool People Circle
Be nice to each other

that's all for now, i'll add more as they're needed.