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hi, i new...

im new (as you can tell frm the title...)

and my name is Carmen. but you can call me whatever, even whatever. (cuz whenever i say that someone always says "OK, Whatever...") but heres a few ideas for ya'll...
+Carmen (very original, eh?)
+Karmy Karm.
+Carmen McCarmenson
+Car Car


its all so very keen...

here are some fun, fun things that are fun to me, and will make up the basis of the majority of my entries here...
having to move 8 times
John Kerry (i am a stubborn one)
toasters... (ehh.. maybe..)
my fun, fun sis vicky, with whom i do just aboot everything with...
pirates... (arr)
emo (yes, i am a geeky emokid, im sorry)
Freud (wee woo, more nerdiness)
my general carmosity...
and, of course, Johnny Depp... (im sorry, im a freak...)

so, yeah, woo!

have fun commenting!

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