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Is it just me...

...or is anyone else completely hypnotized by the background to this community? It took everything in me to come post this, but I know I shall return just to stare at the background for another hour. God I'm bored.
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I will christen my joining with a joke that was told to me a long time ago when I first started listening to emo.

Q: How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Who cares just let them all cry in the dark.
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hey guuuys!

i have a fun ass community that i think you guys would lurve...
its called emo_dillema, but its not like, boo hoo cry cry cry, its fun! and the people are cool as hell!

just see for yourself!

~much lurve~
-carmencita (que linda!)
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  • kaamin

woo wee!

we are so damn sexy, this one community just cant hold us...
but you should really check out the sexiness...
its wonderful...

<3<3-much love
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