forget me not (_lemonsinureye) wrote in _coolkidstable,
forget me not

Age:: 16
Sexuality:: straight
Location:: minnesota

going to shows, movies, music
Something Interesting About Yourself:: im crazy and unpredictable
Fun Moment:: when my friends and my ride didn't show up after this one movie night and we sat around taco bell and talked and this really cool guy came up to us and talked to us and he was being really stupid and it was hilarious and he started humping the window and then we had a long serious talk and the night was perfect
Worst Moment:: when i had a breakdown at a friends house after no sleep for two days and we decided to talk about all our faults and our lifes
Most Embarrassing Moment (no-"oh my skirt went up"):: once i was playing around with this really cool guy who i liked a lot and i decided to do a push up and i farted and they all laughed and i was like crap.
Where Would You LIke To Visit/Why:: france because i am going to be fluent in french and i think france is beautiful and so very pretty
Favorite Childhood Memory:: i live in a trailor park and there were a lot of kids around and we became really close and when i was about four or five they all decided to teach me how to ride a bike without training wheels and i got it on the first time and it was sweet.

black because it's so pretty and natural
Pass-Time:: hanging out with friends and listening to music and redecorating my room
Season/Why:: fall because there are so many pretty colors and it's a nice warm season
Band/Singer(s):: rilo kiley, death cab for cutie, postal service, taking back sunday, hot hot heat, the faint, the get up kids
Movie(s):: ray, pretty in pink, sixteen candles, peter pan, empire records, go, almost famous
Book(s):: perks of a wall flower, parallel universe of liars, go ask alice

About Abortion::
it's a womans choice
Politics:: im democratic but im not hateful towards bush or anything politics can't be based off of one persons opinion
Society Labels(ex. goths, jocks, etc):: i disagree with them but im a little hypocritical here because i still use them.
Homosexuality:: for it , people should be able to choose what they want to do with there life without being teased or tainted
Drugs and Alcohol:: drugs screwed up my friends life, but it was his choice and if he wants them i can't stand in his way and they should be made legal that way the government could a) make a profit off of it and b) could control the amount of tcp or what ever is in it and it would be less harmful. and alcohol is fun
Pre-Marital Sex:: you should know how good he is in bed before you marry him. if you dont and he turns out bad or something it would suck
Self-Mutilation:: i wouldnt' do it unless i was so down that i couldn't even look at myself but if you want to go ahead

Where Did You Find This Community::
through a random search
Promote To 2 Users(1 must be another community):: okay
Why Do You Want To Join:: i like joining communities and this one looks cool
What Makes You Cool Enough To Be In This Community:: because im shya and i kick major but... jk

Any last words::
pick me, pick me *waves hand in air*

-PICTURES- (only 3-5 pictures.Atleast 1 clear face shot)

sorry i can't help the size they are off of photobucket!!!!!!






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