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Dear Members,

I have a computer now [woot], we had to get a new one because the other one is totally fried. Since school has started and all for me I won't be online as much with all the homework and junk. I will keep the community open [because I don't feel like deleting it and then having to make it again when I have time] so basically, it's on a school break. For now you can advertise your communities if you'd like. Applications will still be accepted but may take a while to get to. I won't be promoting so I don't expect you to either, so don't worry about it. Thanks for all the help and what not. I'll post when I have the time and when the community will be up and running. I don't expect all of you to stay, so if you want to leave you can. Thanks.

Your mod,
Danielle Lacy
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