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can i join the table?


Name:: Nina
Age:: 16
Sexuality:: straight? lol usually SEX goes here but its sexuality so i assume that means preference. GIRL if not ;)
Location:: Orlando Fl

Hobbies:: baseball, writing, music, movies/mall and all that junk, the beach is my mecca, and duh hangin out with my friends & fam
Something Interesting About Yourself:: i could probably win a baseball jeopardy against any male junkie out there lol
Fun Moment:: at carowinds with a couple of my friends we entered a kareoke contest and won, with the stupidest song, i forgot what it was but it was on the same level as the chicken dance with lyrics
Worst Moment:: not sure, dont think ive had it yet. probably some dumb guy who 'broke my heart' or somethin like that, if not, then when my parents said they were getting divorced and the reason why. but they're back together now and better than ever so i dunno if i could consider that worst.
Most Embarrassing Moment :: something lame like tripping up the stairs in front of a crush lol, i dont really get embarrassed like that, my nephew ran up to a guy i just said was hot and told him i wanted to marry him. that was funny though :X
Where Would You LIke To Visit/Why:: a few places, like, the entire US lol, i would in most cases say theres no point in goin outside your own country when you havent seen it all, but id also like to go to palermo sicily, i still have family there and i heard its beautiful.
Favorite Childhood Memory:: CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA ::cries:: i moved from there not too long ago and still think about it. but if i have to pick one memory other than 9 years lol i'd say.. my going away party. i was 13 i guess that still qualifies me as a child ;) it was a surprise party and all my friends were there and ahh it was great.

Color/Why:: purple, bc its gojus! i luff cool colors and purple is girly but not too girly.
Pass-Time:: baseball, definitely. watchin, goin, not really playin, but i dont mind hittin the cages or somethin.
Season/Why:: spring.. for the above answer lol, spring trainins in my state and my team is in my city, braves in orlando. i meet so many people and make so many friends, right now ive got a job right out of high school if i want to take it because of someone i met this march.
Band/Singer(s):: rey ruiz, jerry rivera, dl1, ashlee simpson, creed, 3 doors down
Movie(s):: i just saw sleepover, and im definitely not gonna put it on this list lol. troy was amazing, pretty woman, west side story, sixteen candles, spiderman 2 is up there now. not sure, im a movie freak theres probably a longer list somewhere lol
Book(s):: the game, bio of joe dimaggio, i dont read much now but back in the day i was all about nancy drew, baby sitters club lol, boxcar children.. i still have all of those and read em every once in a while. also anything by lois duncan (i know what you did last summer) and caroline b cooney (face on the milk carton)

About Abortion:: i think its wrong in most circumstances, but i am pro choice and if you know you made a horrible mistake, you're going to have to live with that knowledge the rest of your life. i like that theres an option though, for those girls who get raped or any situations like those.
Politics:: i really dont have many :\ ive been meaning to pay better attention to them but i only know what the average person does about them. most are scams, theres a select few who are really in it for the right reasons i think
Society Labels(ex. goths, jocks, etc):: it depends. some people really do form groups for labels and then get so offended when people label them like that. contrary to that though i really hate labels, its like a mini discrimination.
Homosexuality:: i dont really think much about it lol, im for homosexuals being able to come out of the closet and not feel like they're gonna get jumped, and im for same sex marriages.
Drugs and Alcohol:: not good on drugs, horrible. my bro is a drug cop and i know more than my share, thats something ill never try. alcohol is fine i think as long as you dont abuse it
Pre-Marital Sex:: i admire the people who wait for marriage, but i dont look down on the ones who don't.

Where Did You Find This Community:: in a promo community
Promote To 2 Users(1 must be another community):: to bleakxradience and communitypromo_
Why Do You Want To Join:: because this looks like it'll be a hit, lotsa cool kids around lj ;)
What Makes You Cool Enough To Be In This Community:: i collected beanie babies when they *weren't* hot. k, and, because im going to marry jake gyllenhaal and that automatically makes me on the cool list.

Any last words:: my feet are cold.

-PICTURES- (only 3-5 pictures.Atleast 1 clear face shot)
this ones actually a dumb picture of me in mid sentence, but i just dyed my hair like 3 days ago and i love it lol


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