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it's CASS

Can I join the table?

Name:: Cassandra, Cass
Age:: sixteen
Sexuality:: straight
Location:: Duluth MN

Hobbies:: i like to hang out with my friends, take pictures, travel, shop, tan, and my favorite spot is the beach.
Something Interesting About Yourself:: umm. i have 7 sisters, and i have only met two of them. i dont really know if that counts
Fun Moment:: I went to mexico for a week with my best friend, and we had our own room. best times ever.
Worst Moment:: when i had 3 people very close to me die in the same week.
Most Embarrassing Moment (no-"oh my skirt went up")::being rejected by a guy i had a crush on for a really long time, then being laughed at for it by his friends
Where Would You LIke To Visit/Why::NYC, this last year at school we got a "transfer student" from manhattan, and i wanna see him again. soon.
Favorite Childhood Memory:: when my dad would take me to the playground and he would swing with me, and climb the monkey bars to make me laugh. my dad's the coolest

Color/Why::pink. it's been growing on me- because it's so intense, and exciting
Pass-Time:: i love taking pictures, it's my favorite thing to do.
Season/Why:: summer, because there's no school, i can tan when i want, and curfew is later
Band/Singer(s):: right now i really like elliot smith, but my all time favorite bands- nirvana, alice in chains, smashing pumpkins, and pearl jam. im a 90's fan
Movie(s):: ha. OFFICE SPACE, night of the living dead, old school, sixteen candels, heathers, valley girls.
Book(s):: i don't really have a specific favorite book- but i like to read about surreal sotries- that really happened. i dont know, i dont read too often

About Abortion::...i think that abortions use to be used in case of an "emergency" but it feels like now days, people just dont care. you hear of people getting 3-4 abortions in about 3 years, and that's just irresponsible. i think the only reason somebody should get an abortion is because they were raped. but even then- there's always adoption.
Politics:: politics are pissing me off right now. im not republican- or democrat, and i dont think that this country is going to go far places. i dont think we will be "high power" for long, because it feels like we're all falling apart.
Society Labels(ex. goths, jocks, etc):: completely pointless. even though it happens- and everybody judges someone for some reason or another, you can't judge a book by its cover.
Homosexuality:: i dont think it's wrong. it kind of scares me that they say it is against the bible- but you only live once, and i think people should be happy with who they are- or look forward to what they want to become, and for some people- that's homosexuality.
Drugs and Alcohol:: it's not like i've never done either, but i dont suggest making a habbit out of it. it WILl get old- and you'll start to look like shit. it can happen to the best. so beware
Pre-Marital Sex::i have 2 different opinions.
if you're under 18, i think it is wrong, emotionally, and physically i dont think they can handel it, even if they are "in love"
but if you're 18+- situations are completely turned, and i think that is just a judgement call.
Self-Mutilation:: i understand it, but i would never do it. i dont think it's smart- but it can be addicting i suppose.

Where Did You Find This Community:: i think community promo or somthing.
Promote To 2 Users(1 must be another community):: dreamlegends, hardcore_kik_it, is where i will post when im done with this.
Why Do You Want To Join:: becausei wanna help get it off it's feet, and of course, the cool kids table rocks!
What Makes You Cool Enough To Be In This Community::
i hope you like me

Any last words:: "fat guy in a littttllllle coooooat" thanks for readin folks


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