--*Lauren*-- (ocrushedxstar8o) wrote in _coolkidstable,

Name:: lauren
Age:: 15
Sexuality:: Female
Location:: Sicklerville, New Jersey

Hobbies:: hanging out with my friends/family, going to the beach, the boardwalk, talking on aim, swimming, live journal.
Something Interesting About Yourself::  i say "eh" really funny?
Fun Moment:: goin on a rollercoaster for the first time a few weeks ago and thinking i was gonna die, after i got off.
Worst Moment:: my mom dieing.
Most Embarrassing Moment (no-"oh my skirt went up"):: falling up the steps at school
Where Would You LIke To Visit/Why:: hawii, because it looks really pretty & neat.
Favorite Childhood Memory:: oh man, probably going to the hammonton lake park and getting chased by ducks.

Color/Why:: bright pink, it reminds me of summer and watermelon
Pass-Time:: talking to people on AIM
Season/Why:: summer, always more to do.
Band/Singer(s):: dashboard confessional, copeland, taking back sunday...
Movie(s):: big daddy, the butterfly effect, a walk to remember, finding nemo
Book(s):: the truth about forever

About Abortion:: ehh, i dont think it should happen unless someone is rapped... if they dont wanna take the chance of it happening, keep ur legs closed.
Politics:: never really got into politics, so i don't really have anything to say about them.
Society Labels(ex. goths, jocks, etc):: don't really like to label people, i'll be friends with whoever, they can come up with their own labels if they wanna be labeled.
Homosexuality:: whatever floats their boat, it really doesn't bother me.. as long as they're happy.
Drugs and Alcohol:: i don't have the time of day for people who are into drugs and thats all they care about, alcohol i can deal with to an extent... one in a while is fine, but everyday.. come on now.
Pre-Marital Sex:: hey, shits gonna happen, good or bad. just hope you make the right choice and be careful...go for it i guess, some people may not wanan get married.
Self-Mutilation:: stupid if you ask me, but some people might enjoy it i guess, others may just do it for attention. not my cup of tea.

Where Did You Find This Community:: actually my good friend robin found it, so we decided to join.
Promote To 2 Users(1 must be another community):: i'll do this.
Why Do You Want To Join:: trying to make some new lj friends and thought this would be a good way.
What Makes You Cool Enough To Be In This Community:: cool enough?hmm.. how about im from jersey and say "water" werid to most people.

Any last words:: wonder if these people will like me?


^^ im on the left.

^^ prom 04'


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