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"Can I Join The Table?"

Please bold the questions to make it a little easier.

Age::14... 15 in 2 weeks!
Location::Niceville, Florida

Hobbies::Softball, Hanging with my friends, More softball, Reading, Watching tv, Watching Reality Tv!
Something Interesting About Yourself:: I have 63 cousins on my mom's side and 2 on my dads.
Fun Moment::Big Kahunas! It started POORING on us and it was scary yet fun! It seemed like ppl were running around like their heads were cut off!
Worst Moment::Last weekend when it was storming really really bad! It was soo Windy! I was at my softball tournament and it looked like a tornado was going to hit! There was lightning everywhere and I HATE lightning! Lightning scares the shit out of me!
Most Embarrassing Moment (no-"oh my skirt went up")::When I said something that shall remain unspoken.. but I don't think b4 I say stuff (sometimes) and I said something that you could take in a really nasty way.. and my friends made fun of me for it ='(!
Where Would You LIke To Visit/Why::I would like to visit Paris to see the Eiffel Tower((sp?))
Favorite Childhood Memory::When I always was the center of attention at the philipines! Everyone always wanted to hold me and be with me! Visiting my family members there was TONS of fun! I got to see another culture and I actually remember it!

Color/Why::Pink, because its girly and cute. It can go with Anything!
Pass-Time::Reading my Harry Potter books! =D!
Season/Why::Winter, because its not hot as balls! You can put on layers of clothing to stay warm, but when it's hot you can't take layers off.. lol I don't think the school would appreciate it!
Band/Singer(s)::Whitney Houston because she has the most beautiful/Awesum voice!
Movie(s)::Gothika, Darkness falls, Jeepers Creeps 1&2, 13 Ghosts! I love Scary Movies!
Book(s)::Harry Potter series! Speak and Boys LIe.

About Abortion:: It's against my religion and I think its wrong to kill an innocent being! I'm against it.
Politics::I don't really know much about this subject... sry!
Society Labels(ex. goths, jocks, etc)::I don't think its nice ppl label other ppl. I know I do it myself.. But its the way of life.. You can't help but label ppl. Everyone does it and they know it. I can't say that I'm against it or whatever bcuz I know i label ppl! Preps, goths and them. They know what their labels are and we know it too.
Homosexuality:: I have nothing against it. One of my friends is gay and I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH! I have NOTHING whats so ever against it!
Drugs and Alcohol:: Honestly some alcohol probablly taste good, but ppl can live without it. The only type of drugs ppl should take are doctore prescripted((sp?)). Why would anyone want to harm their bodies by too much intake of the both of them?!
Pre-Marital Sex:: I believe that you should wait until your married. You should save yourself for the one you know you Love Always and FOREVER!

Where Did You Find This Community::Promoted in My Community! =D!
Promote To 2 Users(1 must be another community)::_evil_muffins_ aggielandfan89
Why Do You Want To Join::Because I love joining communities and I promote like crazy! Also because this is Danielle's community and I always join one of yours! <33Ya D!
What Makes You Cool Enough To Be In This Community::I'm fun and a sporty person! I love everybody!!!

Any last words:: Sorry it isn't REALLY thought out and all! I'm really sleepy from a short night of sleep.

-PICTURES- (only 3-5 pictures.Atleast 1 clear face shot)

-Face shot- lol

-Me and The guy I liked-

-I had no idea my friend was going to take this... =/-

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