tracy (bleakxradiance) wrote in _coolkidstable,

can i join the table?

Name:: tracy
Age:: 15
Sexuality:: straight
Location:: north carolina

Hobbies:: making a fool of myself, chillin w friends, shopping, listening to music, going to concerts
Something Interesting About Yourself:: i love concerts and the best one i ever went to was a perfect circle because Maynard is a fuckin awesome performed and i cannot wait to see tool live :) :)
Fun Moment:: singin kareoke in the fye music store in the mall, then they took them away bc we abused the privledge
Worst Moment: i dont think i;ve ever really had one
Most Embarrassing Moment :: hmm, i was a trainer last year ant it was raining so they canceled football pratice and i went walking down the hill to go inside and i slipped and fell and i was covered in mud =X
Where Would You LIke To Visit/Why:: europe on a train bc i love trains ive always wanted to go to europe
Favorite Childhood Memory:: i dont remember much about my childhood honestly....

Color/Why:: gray bc its a neutral and i lke that
Pass-Time:: listening to music real loud, or going out to eat w friends and bein there for like 2-3 hours just talkin
Season/Why:: fall bc its cool outside and theres no mosquitoes, haha
Band/Singer(s):: tool, apc, the doors, the ramones, the sex pisols, jet, nivana,
Movie(s):: dude wheres my car, twister, halloween 1, 2, 4, 5 [ not halloween 3 bc it pissed me off and didnt even have michael myers in it, wtf?? lol]
Book(s):: hiroshima by john hersey

About Abortion:: pro-choice bc ppl that get raped dont plan on it, but if youre an adult i think you should have had more responsibilty
Politics::i dont follow politics
Society Labels(ex. goths, jocks, etc):: i dont really agree with them, but im not gunan like, i use them too bc its easy to classify people like that, but a lot of times people get mislabeled and you make a fasle assumption on them
Homosexuality:: im fine with it, if you wanna be gay, go on ahead! i've not got a probelm with it
Drugs and Alcohol:: i drink ocassionaly, but i think its only ok in moderation. and i dont think drugs are anything to mess with bc there some thigns you just dont want to mess with
Pre-Marital Sex:: it doesnt bother me at all, as long as youre ready for it, its fine

Where Did You Find This Community:: lunera01 promoted it to me
Promote To 2 Users(1 must be another community):: hottathanyomama and twisted_sweetie
Why Do You Want To Join:: because i might just be a cool kid! i guess i'll find out What Makes You Cool Enough To Be In This Community::  i have a good sense of humor, it jsut takes a while for me to be able to say something funny, lol

Any last words:: eef jew lykke peena coladas, and long walks in the rain... [[ been in my head all morning. so i had to. :) ]]

-PICTURES- (only 3-5 pictures.Atleast 1 clear face shot)

me with a police officer. haha, i dont know why, but i guess so.

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