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Can I join the table?

Name:: Samantha. You can call me Sam.
Age:: Fifteen.
Location:: National Mine, Michigan. It's in Upper Michigan in the actual county of Ishpeming, in the actual county of Marquette. Yeah, we're small.

Hobbies:: Music (which falls in the categories of singing, dancing, listening, concerts, etc.), writing, hanging out with my friends, reading, skateboarding (not that great, mind you), and snowboarding. I'm also in the process of learning to play a mean game of pool.
Something Interesting About Yourself:: I'm the only red headed green eyed girl in my whole family.
Fun Moment:: Last year when I went to Great America...when my best friend Amanda wasn't in a foster home miles away from me. I won't lie, we smoked the reefer before we went on any rides...so it made it even more fun. One of the funnest things I have ever done in my life. I LOVED THE THRILL.
Worst Moment:: When my grandmother committed suicide last summer.
Most Embarrassing Moment (no-"oh my skirt went up"):: We have an 8th grade graduation...yeah, stupid, I know...anyways, so I was all dressed up and walking in these major pumps. I walked up to get my hand shaked and I knocked down one microphone...which knocked down another microphone...which knocked down another microphone. I would have to say...that was pretty embarressing.
Where Would You LIke To Visit/Why:: I would like to visit Jamaica. My friend goes there a lot and she said it's very beauitful out there. Plus, I'd like to visit Bob Marleys old humble aboad. It would be very interesting.
Favorite Childhood Memory:: My dad used to be in a band; "Da Yoopers". Haha..he would always bring me on stage and I could dance around and sing...and there were always quite a lot of people. Maybe that's why I'm never scared to get on stage.

Color/Why:: Green, because it's the color that I feel I can best represent my usual mood. I love the green bud. I love the green eyes. I love the fact that its a color of envy. My favorite color is green.
Pass-Time:: Ohh just to sit down and relax. Get high. Not that it's my life, but its a definite relaxer. If you are going to knock at me because I like it, then I'm sorry I wasted my time applying here.
Season/Why:: Summer time...because the sun is shinin', you can go swimming, camping and there are so many fun outdoor events.
Band/Singer(s):: Bob Marley, Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Mystic Roots, PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS in general, Kottonmouth Kings, Mindless Self Indulgence...etc..look at my profile if you're interested.
Movie(s):: Amelie, Big Money Hustlas, Detroit Rock City, The Doors, Cry Baby (with Johnny Depp), Clerks...I don't know, I'm a movie freak.
Book(s):: Everything's Eventual, Flowers for Algernon, Go Ask Alice, Life as a Wallflower. Sorry I don't have the authors at this point in time.

About Abortion:: I think it should be up to the person. Even though I think you should adopt out before you come down to that. But, think about it...it's the persons choice. The baby hasn't even started to live yet...so they don't know the difference. But what if they did? Sorry. I have mixed feelings I guess.
Politics:: I am not going to lie, I seriously do not care about politics. It's not even really a thought in my mind right now.
Society Labels(ex. goths, jocks, etc):: They suck. I am Sam. Not a punk, goth, stoner or any of that. I am Sam. I am ME. I am what I am and that's all that I am. Shut the hell up already.
Homosexuality:: I am for it. If you want somebody...it shouldn't matter if they are the same sex or not. I can't even believe it was even brought up to VOTE on if gay marriage should be legal. OF COURSE IT SHOULD. If you love somebody, you deserve the right to marry them. No fucking questions asked. It's not like these damn religious people that are boohooing about it have to watch them jump on the good foot and do the bad thing...they are getting married and being in love just like any other human being hopes to do. GOD FUCKING DAMMIT. Sorry, got a little sensitive there.
Drugs and Alcohol:: Do what you want to do. For my personal self, I am for it. They help me escape. It's not a good thing, I'm definetly not bragging about it. I just enjoy doing it. It relaxes me and helps me have a good time.
Pre-Marital Sex:: Once again, do what you want. For me...I am not a virgin. Yes, I do think I should have waited...but I can't take it back now. It doesn't make me a horrible person, or does it?
Self-Mutilation:: Whatever. I know a lot of people that do it. If they want to cut themselves up, go right ahead. I'm not going to say I've never done it..but it's because I'd rather hurt myself then somebody else.

Where Did You Find This Community:: I was looking through my friends page and lithium17 (hey buddio) had it posted in his journal. WORDDD.
Promote To 2 Users(1 must be another community):: What do you mean by users?
Why Do You Want To Join:: I found that it was a pretty original name for a community, and I would enjoy eating lunch right here. XD
What Makes You Cool Enough To Be In This Community:: I can usually make everyone laugh...and I give pretty good advice. I may be young, but I know what's going on in these here parts.

Any last words:: ^_~ you're fucking cool

-PICTURES- (only 3-5 pictures.Atleast 1 clear face shot)


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