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.Photography Rocks.
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In order to join this community, you must first fill out this application.


Type of Camera:
Promote this community and post the link:

[Post at least 3 pictures you have taken.]

- These Must Be Followed Or You Will Be Rejected
- All Applications Must Be Under An LJ-Cut
- You Have 2 Days To Post Your Application After Joining
- Once You Post Your App You Can't Change It
- No Posting Pictures Taken With A Web Cam
- You Can Post Anything From Self Pictures To Scenery To Bands..Whatever. Just No Posting Porn Or You Will Be Banned.
- No taking other people's pictures without their permission, otherwise you will be kicked out and reported to the Livejournal team for "Infringing on my copyright"
- After you apply and the people vote, I will base my decision on the overall liking/disliking of your photos.
- You can only post pictures YOU have taken.
- Promote this community in other journals/communities
- To make sure you read the rules, put "ninja turtles rock" on the subject line

- When voting, vote on a 1-10 scale. 1 being poor picture/poor quality. 10 being extremly good.
- Base your vote your average liking of the pictures, you don't need to rate each one.
- Every now and then, there will be a member check, if you are not an active member, you will be taken off the list.
- There will be theme posts once a month. If you do not participate, you will be taken off the list..(unless you have a damn good reason.)
- Be as harsh as you like, after all, this is a rating community.

Most importantly, have fun.

Moderator: orange_horizons