Purrrfection Comes Naturally To Some.

For Pretty Kitties & The Coolest Cats Of Live Journal.

Cool Cats
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This is a rating community. If you can't take constructive or uncalled for criticism, don't bother applying. Don't spam those who diss you. If you don't razz our berries, you will know about it. On the other hand, if you are adored, you will receive all the lovin' you can handle.

Yes, we are incredibly superficial and cruel. Deal.

Members are expected to remain active in both the posting of pictures and voting on new members.
As we are just starting out, Promotion of COOL CATS is essential.

- Take rejection well. Debating your rejection generally makes you look foolish.
- No overly photoshopped pictures. We want to see you, not the bright, white contrast you used to mask your plain ugliness. Infact, any pictures that are squewed and/or reveal to little of yourself, will be ignored.
- Answer all questions requested in the application.
- Don't steal other people's pictures. If you are too ugly to offer your face for a slating, sort yourself out.
- Don't post comments in Cool Cats until you have received an acceptance stamp. If you don't receive an acceptance stamp, you will recieve a rejection stamp, in which case, chuff off. Feel free to re-apply in a month or so. You will receive your stamp roughly ten days after posting your application, to allow all members of Cool Cats to submit their votes. Majority rules.
- Uglies need not apply.

The application is short and sweet.

Five general interests:
Ten favourite bands:

Now post tonnes of pictures of yourself.