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Hello!  I recently started an etsy shop and I am trying desperately to get my name out there!  Currently in my shop I have a pair of handpainted converse (pictured below).  They are completely one of a kind, and took me forever to paint, so there will never be any others like these!  They are a mens size 6, womens size 8.   My etsy shop name is Dear Bitsy      http://www.etsy.com/shop/dearbitsy    

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Name:Josh Kukla
Birthday:January 22nd, 1990
Show us your horoscope for today: In intimate relationships, you're able to communicate more clearly now. You may have to deal with someone who is trying to determine your motives. Hidden emotions which affect a relationship could surface now. Within a partnership, you'll see how they ARE what you want to be. Today you may be more jealous or possessive in relating to partners. You need to be OPEN to changing old opinions to form wiser ones. You might become less attached to materialism and more interested in spirituality. I guess this is it... I dont take much stock in Astrology
Status? (if taken, pic?): Like, Single
Location:Santa Ana

High tops or Low?:Hi-tops, all the way!
Black chucks or White:Black

5+ favorite movies:Fight club, Big Fish, Being John Malkovitch, Secret Window (I like the novella better), and Minority Report
5 + favorite bands:Fastball, Everclear, Marcy PLayground, Maroon 5, Green Day, and Garbage
5+ favorite clothing stores: Thrift Shops, Hot Topic, Tilly's, No Fear Store, and
2 people that make you smile (you don‘t have to know them): My friend Krystal, and

What’s your favorite part of PG-13 movies?:Shouting Obcenities! ( I guess I dont like PG-13 movies much)
If you were a time of day, what time would you be?:3 in the morning

Make up 3+ questions and answer them:
1.)do you like music? yes i do
2.)Is there love in this world? I think so
3.)Can you read time? definitely

2+ Pictures:
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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1.)Promote 1
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Compliment the mod: Uhh, You're sexy

Why do you want to be a *Converse Kid*? Because Chuck freakin ROCK and so do the kids who wear them!!
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                         Welcome to _converse_kids!                        




_converse_kids  is a community for Converse Shoe owners to rant, rave, bitch and moan. Talk about anything,
talk about everything. Cam-Whore, promote (as tolerated), sell things, buy things, claim things, or just tell us a really interesting
story. Be scene, be label-less, be off-the-fucking-wall. Because as we all know, Converse, and the people who wear them,
are what make wherever we are so rad.