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Hello!  I recently started an Etsy shop and I am trying desperately to get my shop name out there!  Currently in my shop is a pair of hand-painted high tops (mens 6, womens 8)!  I absolutely love them, but I'm sure someone out there will love them more than me!  They are completely one of a kind, and since they were so much work, I doubt I will ever make another pair, so if you like them, get them before they are gone!  My shop name is Dear Bitsy       http://www.etsy.com/shop/dearbitsy

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I admit it, I am addicted to Converse. It's time to let some of them go. Lots of hard-to-find and never worn pairs are up for grabs.

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Maleficent Magic


;What is your [first] name: Amy, although I never really use it
;How long have you owned [any] converse: 3-4 Years
;How many pairs of converse do you [currently] own: This is where it gets sketchy, it's somewhere between 23-31 roughly, I know that 6 months ago I had twelve, and have bought anywhere between 11 and 19 pairs, just not entirely sure
;Do you have pictures of your converse: Not yet, but i'm gonna try and photo them all in a few days
;Will you please post a picture of your converse [when you get one]: Of course, if i have the upload space somewhere...
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11 Oh you sexy thing!

Looking for hard-to-find shoes...

Anyone know where I can find these in US size 7 in Canada (or in the US as a last resort)? According to Amazon.com, they're called Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Summer Beauty/Summer Butterflies. I've only been able to find them on Amazon.com, but they only have them in size 6. I can't find this model on Converse.com at all.

I really like this model. They don't have to be exactly the same design, as long as they aren't the yellow ones with the daisies and ladybugs, since I already have that design in high tops. I saw the ladybug ones at a store here in Quebec City, but they didn't have any other designs in that model. The butterfly ones are the only example I can find online, and even that took some digging.

Thanks in advance!

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