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Searching for the one who can conquer me...

Bound by Truth, Saturated with Love
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After searching for an appropriate christain community on lj, i came up with nothing along the lines of what i was after. So I have created my own community. Please join. This community is for the hardest of hardcore christians, who aren't afraid to lose their own ego for christ, who aren't afraid to drown in the storm of love, who aren't afraid to step out daily in faith, who aren't afraid to not take breaks, just living for god...eternally. I believe christians should be living for today, every moment is that of divine appointment.

This community is for general revelations you may have, discussions, poetry, pics, encouragements, evangelism, preaching even, go for it, however this is an encouragement group. Based on standing strong in faith, together in unity. God can conquer us, I deny myself as best i can to see God's blessing pull through in my life, and through great trust and faith, together we are annihilating darkness as we know it.

Revolution is everywhere. It's even online...be not conformed

PS - This community is for all nations and countries too, not just Australia, so join up!

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com