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Bright Eyes // The Faint // San Diego @ SOMA Ticket for Sale

Hello San Diegan Bright Eyes and Faint fans.

I have one extra ticket for the Friday, June 10, 2005 show at SOMA San Diego featuring both Bright Eyes and The Faint.

I am selling it for $25 because that is how much it cost me including the extra fees they charged me.

If you are interested, please give me a call at (619)252-9412. My name is Brooke, and I'm 18.

The tickets are to be picked up by me the night of the show, so we would probably have to meet up at the show in order for me to give you the ticket.

First caller gets the ticket.

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i just joined. thought i'd say hi.
i'm dana, 18, chicago, F.

definately going to the show on jan. 17. anyone else going? i'm totally ditching work for it too. :)

can't wait.


just joined, wanted to say hey. <3 conor oberst, and think he is an amazing songwriter. Yay .. point and laugh at the new kid..
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me and conor are getting married...

i truly find him facinating... like from what i have read.. he's like a drunk bisexual lyrical genious... but it's okay... cause his voice is better than everyone besides Jesse Lacey..