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Hi everyone!

So my family and I are thinking of moving to CT, specifically Hartford or New Haven.
However, right now we're in Canada, so we don't know a whole bunch about the area or the process of moving. Hence, doing some research!

What I'm looking for from LJ is for anyone to tell me the pros and cons of CT.
What do you like about it, what sucks?
How's public transportation?
How about the music scene/concert availability (we're metalheads)?
Are the schools good? (Primary all the way up to University - I have 2 kids that will be starting soon!)
Jobs? My husband does sheet metal (HVAC), so he's "skilled", and I know the economy is still kinda sucky, but are there any jobs at all? lol
Shopping - where do you like to shop?

Basically, anyone who wants to give me their 2c about the area is awesome and will be much appreciated

Thanks in advance <3

(x-posted to a LOT of CT communities)

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