November 4th, 2005

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Maybe someone can suggest a REALLY great dentist for me to go to? Preferably one who is extremely nice and gentle. I've got somewhat of a fear of dentists because of horrible experiences when I was a child.
I'm totally obsessive complusive about brushing and keeping my teeth clean but for some reason my teeth are in really bad shape now and I'm almost ashamed to go to the dentist because I'm afraid of being ridiculed, yelled at or have them even think "OMG how are her teeth this bad?". My dentist as a child would ALWAYS yell at me for not taking well enough care of my teeth even though I would take care of them. I think, I heard somewhere that having bad teeth is genetic and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. I don't need anymore traumatizing experiences that's all I know. I just want my teeth fixed and back to normal. So any suggestions for me? I know certain dentists specialize in caring and gentlness, even a dentist that knocks you out the whole time even just for the first intial cleaning would be great as well. I'm such a baby, lol.

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HELL (Next to the Catwalk)
321 East Street
New Haven, CT
Saturday, Nov 5th 2005

9pm - 2am
No Cover / 21 and over

DJ's Girl Afraid & DJ Anatar spin the best in retro tunes:
80's, Punk, New Wave, Metal, Disco (and a little bit of everything in between).