September 13th, 2005

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Maybe some of you guys can give me some advice.
This weekend coming up, my friend and I are thinking about setting off on a little camping trip (IF, that is, we don't get hit with whatever's leftover of Hurricane Ophelia). I didn't go camping at all this summer so I figured I should try to go at least once before the weather starts cooling off. Anyway, I don't know the best place to go camping in Connecticut. Last summer I went camping in the White Mountain areas of New Hampshire but I want to stay in Connecticut this time. What are some nice campgrounds in CT with hiking, a lake, fire pits, somewhere really woodsy and serene? I want to pitch tent somewhere slightly remote and secluded where not tooo many other campers are going to be, less public, ya know? It's more fun that way especially during night time hours. It's spookier too. Thanks!