May 6th, 2005

HELP WANTED! (Tolland County)

I am looking for an individual or group who is looking for a one-day cleaning project. I have a small “vacant” one-bedroom apartment that needs to be cleaned. Here is a list of items that need to be addressed.

· Vacuum entire apartment (including closets, window tracks, glass door track).
· Clean/Wash inside windows and sliding glass door.
· Dust/Wash closet shelves, baseboards, cabinets (inside/out), pantry shelves.
· Clean Refrigerator/Freezer inside and out including bins and shelves.
· Clean oven (doors, drop pans, range hood (top & underneath), racks, handles).
· Clean sinks, dishwasher and counter tops.
· Sweep and Mop all non-carpet flooring
· Clean tub/shower, toilet (inside and out), mirror, light fixture, vanity and towel bars.

You must bring all of your own cleaning supplies and accessories; the only thing that will be in the apartment is electricity. If this sounds like a job you would be interested in taking on, please send an email to with any information and also your requested wage/offer.

Date: May 29th – May 31st

*Note, this apartment was “lightly” lived in and the cleaning is very minor. I would estimate maybe 2 – 3 hours for a “detailed” job.