April 29th, 2005

Hey Ya'll!

So I honestly have joined these communities and have had nothing to say but Hey my name is Sarah crap.... But well things have been so crazy with me because I have had a lot and I mean a lot on my mind and now that I have made 2 important decisions about my life and my future I am soooo EXCITED!! Well the first thing I have decided was that in December 2006 I am moving out of the CT probably for good.. I really think its time for a change and the other thing is that I met a guy last weekend and hes been a complete jerk and so I am going to ignore him and let nothing happen between him... I am going to enjoy my single life!!!! It always seems I meet the jerks.... Oh well... But I am very proud and much happier that I made the biggest decision of moving out of CT for good... I will miss it here but I think there is more to offer out of state for grad school especially since I can hopefully get good loans and scholarships out west! I'm sooooo EXCITED I can't wait till next summer to start touring colleges again and pick the ones I really want to go to!!!! :) Well I guess thats all!!!
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    I hate everything about you - Three Days Grace