April 2nd, 2005


cool CT kids?

I know this is totally lame, but I'll be permanently living in connecticut come summer. Near Norwich. I'm not good with geography, but I believe this is southeastern CT? Anyways, if you live around here, I'd really be interested in befriending some of you as I don't have any friends around here except my love; my boyfriend (whom I will be living with). I am particularly interested in befriending girls, as I get along with girls better and I have a boyfriend who I'd feel bad if I went befriending random guys from livejournal. Don't hesitate to IM me sometime. My sn on aim is "Laurzilla attack".

If you have songwriting skills and any musical instrument skills your friendship is even more valuable as I am toying with starting a musical group thingy.

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Hey all! This is my first post for this LiveJournal Community! My name's Sarah and I'm 21 and I've lived in the same home for the last 21 years... I know never got to experience moving like many people! :) Well anyways... I am currently a Junior at ECSU and because I commute to school and work almost full time hours its harder for me to meet people on campus. I guess you could say that the people I know from college are some of my old high school friends. I am barely friends with any of them anymore because the class I graduated with were just yuppies and we never got along! But now that I'm in college and enjoying it (finally) I am looking forward to meeting new and more interesting people from CT! Well I just thought I would say Hey! Well I guess thats all hope to talk to some of ya soon!
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