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my name is sohma g. dawling and i believe you can never know too much about yourself. from my few short years already on this earth, what little knowledge i have gathered seems to point to the fact that to better understand the world around you, you must know the world around you. every instance, every second, every moment, every interaction, every park you visit, every hand you shake, every conversation you have, every commercial you intake. everything. everything becomes some sort of knowledge. you learn more about what you like and what you don't like by trying new things. how can you know you don't like sushi unless you try it? how can you know you rather get fucked from behind, if you won't let somebody fuck you that way?

my whole life i've lived in in the united states. unlike most americans, my childhood was rift with constant uprooting and new places, new environments, new stimulus. i've become so accustomed to this life, that if i stay in one place for too long, i become to feel totally stagnant in my settings.

no two places are the same, unless you live in the usa, which is becoming a ghost world. everything here is starting to look like every other place here. all the malls are the same. all the cities are starting to copy each other. if something sells, it's everywhere to the point it's all you see. almost every place here is starting to look like carbon copies of everywhere else. i used to go on class trips in college to historical towns and cities to see that even history has been commercialized and the other students would shop at chain stores and eat at chain stores and go to chain clubs and say chain phrases. why do all of this in a new place with new things to learn and new places to see and new food to eat? how can you grow as a person when there is no reason or stimulus to cause growth?

this is for me to learn and grow. i need to travel to do that.
and just how do i think i'm gonna go about this!?!?!
within the next year (this sept, if i could help it) i will be traveling to europe for two months. backpacking thought the countries and seeing everything i've read, heard and dreamt about. i live in a very young country. there is only a short span of history here and our culture is nothing but a total tacky commercial. pretty much there is no culture here. no real culture. no customs.

i'll be starting and ending in the london, england. on this trip i will hopefully have a companion or companions.
i have a list of hopefuls who are thinking/wanting/trying to accompany me. i will cross of their names when/if we realize they will be unable to make the trip and add ones who will want to try.

the list of hopefuls right now:

why hopefuls?!
i say hopefuls for a few reasons. one, i'm losing my job shortly. the company i work for does contract work, and the company we get the most contacts from recently got bought out. my boss is giving us a few months notice so that's pretty nice. those fellows there are currently in shaky job situations. it's part of the reason why i asked them, because they are not tied down to a job where taking off for two months would be almost totally impossible. please each of the individuals will take the trip in a total different direction than the others. i doubt all of them can go, so it will be interesting to see who can save up the cash to go in time.

are you just gonna walk around and stare with your mouth open?
on this trip, i will write a book about the journey and take photos to accompany it all. in the book will be accounts of the people i meet, where i go, what i see and how i feel about it all as well as the things i notice changing about myself. the person i am at the end of the book will not be the same person w ho started it. it will start with me landing in london and my stay with at scott's place and it goes from there. i know i will be roughing it most of the trip. only carrying one backpack with me and nothing else. two, maybe three pairs of pants and a couple of shirts to last me two months. sleeping in hostels or anyplace i can grab some floor for free. eating as cheaply as possible and trying to enjoy every minute of it. hopefully making friends along the way.

so yeah, i'm not going to go around and be a tourtist. i want to meet new people, see new things, do things! learn a lot about myself and about other people. and then write a book about all of it, takes photogrpahs and sketch along the way.

why the community!?
this community is made to hear/get/give advice on traveling/backpacking great distances and for an extended amount of time. if anybody knows of places in europe that are best suited for our visits, which hostels are the nicest, cheap/free things to do. best prices on europasses and other forms of travel. and if anybody somewhere out there in any of the countries we are wanting to visit would like to meet us and share the floors of their home with us for a few days, it would be more than greatly appreciated.

Lists and THANK YOU's!
These are pretty special and important lists. people kind enough to let us us floor space in their homes, websites with good information that will be useful, charitable people and people that are pals of mine willing to fly over and meet me and do part of the journey with me for a bit before we go our separate ways. hopefully these lists will get longer and longer until take off date.
website info
general travel around the world info

general backpacking info

hostel info
hihostels.com - hostels world over
europeanhostels.com - kind obvious by the name what it is

generous enough to let us stay in their home
scott/deathboy (London, England )
Maali/diablesse83 (Estonia)
marco/perpetualmotion (Paris, France)

joining me for short periods of time
tracy/sierrasunshine (Nice, France)
scott/scottopic (who fucking knows with this guy)
matt/gedanken23 (warsaw, poland)

charitable individuals in other ways
nick/ghsthckr, alison/evilchick and lol/lazrus_armagedn (advice about backpacking through europe)
it's gonna be hard as fuck to get the cash to do this. i hope i can pull this off.
cash is tight as it is. i'll be scraping every penny i can to do this trip. i am determined.
i will be selling a good amount of my possessions and listing them here to make cash.
i will also be selling prints of my photography. if you are interested, please contact me e-mail me
if you would like to make a donation to help further this along by offering space for us to crash while in europe or giving a buck or two, that would be greatly appreciated. i will be keeping track of everybody that helps me/this out and if i get my book published, you will be thanked inside the book. not to mention here of course :)

thank you.