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23rd September 2005

theinnocence8:10pm: actions being taken
i have not forgotten you.

i have moved to cleveland, oh.
most of teh cash i will be making will go to survival and the other part is going back into teh traveling fund.
i'm working as an interior painter with agroup of guys, not a company, so the jobs aren't steady. i could go a week or two with nothing and then every day for a week.

i now have access to a printer that i can make good prints with.
i should be posting soon when they are available for sale.

most of my traveling money will come from the selling of the prints.

also, i have a book for sale.
the first in a series of books.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.


so yeha, keep looking here, developments are going to be made.

11th June 2004

theinnocence3:47pm: i haven't forgotten this.
i'm re-evaluating things and researching grants for writing books.

i might have a lot of time to research this seeing i'm going to be unemployed very very very soon.

15th April 2004

theinnocence11:13am: wow.
lookee that
bills coming out of NOWHERE
not to mention taxes i have to pay this year

sometimes it honestly, truly and really does seem like the world is out to fucking get me
make sure i can't get what i want.

instead of having 450 dollars saved up, i'm gonna be behind 600 something.
i'm feeling a bit dismayed and let down, but i am still trying.
last day of work here :june 25th
i put in a resume and such at a place i REALLY REALLY want to get hired at. cross your fingers for me.

i need to move soon
going to be selling a majority of my belongings.
anybody want anything??


3rd April 2004

theinnocence9:21am: if everything works out, i'll be leaving one year from now TODAY.
ehe, and karen and luca will be mr and mrs. luca's crazy last name
he he he
fuck, i realy hope this works out. looks like it won't but i really really hope.

30th March 2004

theinnocence10:59am: HA HA HA! SO TRUE!
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:theinnocence
Your haiku:i don't get into
a hostile i'll sleep in
an elevator
Created by Grahame

28th March 2004

theinnocence10:21pm: airline rant.
wtf kind of shit is this?

i can't even price the tickets because most airlines don't book anything after 331 days from now. i can possibly know what time flights on apr 3 would be leaving, but i can't get a roundtrip estiamte becuase they won't have june in their bucket yet.


you airlines suck ass!
Current Mood: frustrated

26th March 2004

theinnocence6:03pm: speaking of backpacks
backpack help? please?

seeing as i am going to be BACKPACKING across the continent, i oughtta have the proper backpack. i found one, that sorta kinda fits what i'm looking for: The Marmot - Femme Nikita (found @ rei.com) (heh, plus how fucking cool would it be to say i got a marmot on my back. heh.). this one is, so far, the only one i've found that fits the most of my specs. and my specs are:

  • must be shaped for a woman, or compatable for a woman (i am rather small and very curvy. even thin, my body shape is curvy.)

  • must have a detachable backpack for day use (not a fucking fannypack, gawddamit!)

  • waterproof

  • more than just top loading preferred. side and/or panel is a +

  • many pockets a +

  • i'm wary of those really long and tall deals. (i am short and having something as big as me on my back wouldn't be so good.)

  • i forget what site i saw it on, but if you are traveling for more than a week, a suggested 5,000

  • straps and systems that will let the sweat actually gott of your body and not cause irratation from wearing the damn thing +

these few aren't so high on my list as the above, but have more space and such.
Columbia Sportswear Windpass

Columbia Sportswear Pak Mandu
(columbia actually has some good ones, but not all are on the site!??!)

JanSport TJ94-Borneo
does anybody have any suggestions, opinions, know ANYTHING about backpacks or such to help me make a descion?
Current Mood: so outta here (work)
theinnocence8:47pm: do the math
ok, seeing my exhausted state of mind last night, my math was a litle far from perfect.

to leave SEP 2004 each month i would need to make an EXTRA
------800 bucks A MONTH (for 5 months)
to just get 4k.
so, yeah. that's not good and is pretty much impossible.

heh, just means that i have longer to get that cash together!

but if i wanted to leave at the last few days of feb 28, 2005 each month i would need to make an EXTRA
-------364 bucks a month (for 11 months)
to just get 4k.
that is a bit closer to do-able.

my friends have a wedding in april that i would miss, though if i left the last day of feb and stay march (my birthday! doh...) to the first day of may. so i have to battle with myself if i want to miss their wedding, or should i leave the day AFTER their wedding?
so if i left apr 3, 2005 i would need to make an EXTRA
------320 bucks A MONTH (for 12 months)
to just get 4k.
which obviously puts a strain on the way i live, but is do-able! i just can't do anything at all but BREATHE. oh, this is gonna hurt.
but fucking SUCKS cause that is so far away.

but this is good news for the hopefuls who want to try to go as well, and weed them out faster for those who lose interest.
i wanna go NOW.

he he he. okay, i'll always try to save more than i'm supposed to. notice i said TRY.
this is gonna be tough as shit, but i'm gonna fucking do it.
_axiom_12:37am: good resource

check it out. lots of info.
theinnocence11:10am: and so it begins.
intro post! hey everybody!

i did some figuring, and time wise i think it would be best for me to take off in sept, right after my apperance @ dragon*con.
that's a whole 5 months from now to till then. to get 3k in that time, i would need to save about... 375 a month.
holy fucking god. that is gonna be pretty imposisble.
ok, but it's gonna be worth it. now, just from my one job, i don't think i can save that much AND survive.
which means i start selling stuff.

first go cds i don't listen to at all anymore!

so, to get me started with cds:
my life with the thrill kill kult - a crime for all seasons
pigface - truth will out
chemlab - suture
meat beat manifesto - 99%
gene loves jezebel - kiss of life
skinny puppy tribute - hymns of the worlock
spiritualized - amazing grace
rammstein - sehnsuct
nitzer ebb - big hit
dead or alive - nukleopatra
bauhaus - gotham
stiff miners - giselle
maschinenfest - blue
Current Mood: exhausted
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