Alternate Erotica

Depravity though the eyes of art.

Alternative Erotica
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This is a community dedicated to Alternative Erotica.

This is for stories that are erotic by nature, but are off-beat.

If done tastefully, creatively and artfully, I will allow beastiality, food, aliens, drug use, vampirism, multiple partners to an extreme, rape (but this will have to pass me first) and any other category that people can come up with.

Members must be over 18, and though I have no way of confirming your legality, I will hold to the right to refuse anyone I wish for any reason. If, in some way, you can prove your maturity to me, then I may allow you to join.

Ultimately, I hope that this will be a rich community, and we will be able to share in some things that would normally be taboo.