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Concert Whores Unite!

Concert Addicts Unite!
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Are YOU a concert whore?

Do you find that the local venues are like your second home and your car your third home? If you go to more concerts than anybody you know, then _concertwhores_ is for you. :)

This is not a rating community... if that's what you're looking for then this may not be the place for you. However, we do ask that you fill out the short application just as an introduction so that we know who you are.

And now the rules...
1) Obviously, you must go to a lot of concerts.
2) Below is the above mentioned application. Please fill it out and post it in the community when you join.

Concerts you went to last year:
Favorite bands:
Ever followed a tour? If so, which one(s):
Picture (If you have one.):

3) Nobody likes a stick in the mud. If you're here to start drama, don't waste your time. If you're causing mass amounts of trouble, then we'll just ban you and be done with it. There's no reason that we can't all get along.
4) Keep your negative thoughts to yourself. All comments are read by the moderators. If you are caught leaving any negative comments, you will be given ONE warning. Any further comments that are considered to be unappropriate or mean and you will be banned.
5) This community is for your concert experiences. You may post whatever you want as long as its related to concerts (concert reviews, band stories, pictures from shows, WHATEVER!). Please no entries on why your school sucks or how you hate your job. We <3 you, but that's for your personal journal.
6) Once again, this is NOT a rating community. The introduction posts are not for you to decide whether or not you think someone should be here. If you're looking to vote people in or out, this is not the right place for you.
7) Please don't use this community if you're only going to post promotion for other communities. One here and there is fine... but don't JUST promote other communities.
8) If you change your username, please let us know.



government_flu_ - Banned for posting inappropriate comments.


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