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SHE WANTS REVENGE- HOB Myrtle Beach, SC May 25th


The HOUSE OF BLUES in Myrtle Beach, SC is one of my favorite venues. When I used to live in Wilmington, NC I would go there ALL the time because it was only an hour drive. Now I live much further away, but when I visit my friends in Wilmington we try to catch a show.

The opening bands for the show were The Switches, The Virgins, and Be Your Own Pet. The first 2 failed to impress me and my friends. They seemed to be your typical, mediocre band. Be Your Own Pet on the other hand BLEW US AWAY. The lead singer is this small, skinny blonde chick who scream and shakes violently on stage. Now only did they sound good, but their stage antics were highly entertaining to watch!

I was so excited when She Wants Revenge finally came out to perform. I was ready for my goth, rock, dance music lol. They opened with the song Sisters which was one of my favorites. They played just about every song from their first album including Red Flags and Long Nights, These Things, I Don't Want to Fall in Love and Broken Promises for Broken Hearts. They played a few from their newest cd, which I am not as familar with but they did play the one song I really loved called Written in Blood. They ended the show with the song they are most known for Tear You Apart.

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