January 20th, 2011

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So eager for
The battle did not go according to plan, and Victoria was outraged to find out that her numbers were no longer in tact. She hadn't set out on that journey only to fail, and when brought face to face with one of her many enemies, she fled the scene with Riley into seclusion. Time to regroup was all she needed in order to succeed, but would it be enough? And though it was a victory in many respects, this wouldn't be the end of her vendetta against the Cullen clan.

What if James had never really died? What if there was someone waiting in the wings for the Cullens to disperse and collected his ashes before he was completely turned to nothing but dust? He spent the months biding his time, and watching Victoria's actions from afar, amused by the lengths she would go to to avenge his murder. Unbeknownst to them, he tracked Alice, Bella and Edward all the way to Italy, keeping his distance all the while.

With Victoria at a desperate point to bring down the Cullens and the Volturi offering to help despite their own turmoil in their inner circle, will James ever let his existence be known again? Or will he continue to simply observe the going-ons around him? And just how will the Quileutes react to the idea of Jacob Black being the rightful Alpha male?

Now that a war is about to begin, what side will you choose?
eternal damnation.

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