June 5th, 2009

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Are you brave enough to go Underground?

In 2003 Lord Voldemort, through the aid of an eighth horcrux, was resurrected to a new body with the aid of Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange. In 2004 a new Minister gains power after the assassination of Kingsley Shacklebolt. By 2006 the world has gone to hell.

Muggleborns have been forced to live in the slum areas of Diagon Alley, stripped of their Ministry jobs and instead working as common laborers. Purebloods again own the majority of Diagon Alley and live lavishly in their large manor homes. Death Eaters are being pardoned from Azkaban every week, Muggles and known Order Members are commonly found with Dark Marks hovering over their homes.

The surviving members of the Order of the Phoenix have moved into hiding, each having been forced from their jobs and homes by Ministry decrees of being "enemies to the state". Some live as muggles, others live as phantoms within the wizarding world mostly surviving on the kindness of Order sympathizers, even more of them have left England altogether seeking a different, and less hostile, life within Europe or the United States.

However, some have begun to fight back. The Underground is an organization of witches and wizards who move among the fringes of society to recruit others into their membership. Their priority is to maintain secrecy, place their own members into high places within the government, and gradually turn control back to themselves while fighting in open combat and staging elaborate attacks against the totalitarian government.

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