March 26th, 2009


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It was the middle of the night in the United States, midday halfway around the world. The earth decided we were not taking care of her in the way she thought she needed to be cared for and was going to eradicate the problem herself. No one was expecting what would happen.

Tectonic plates shifted, all seven major and all of the minor. Massive earthquakes ripped through the globe toppling buildings deemed indestructible, igniting pockets of natural gasses, erupting long dormant volcanoes, causing tidal waves and tsunami's, and spreading craters in the ocean floor so grossly that entire blocks of land were swollen and lost to the deep before anyone had time to react. When all was said and done, only three hours later, the earth was no longer the same and never would be again.

Along with the destruction, something else happened, something quiet that no one has realized. A window to the past has been opened. It has been noticed on the other side, in a place of mist, magic, and chivalry. They have seen they can leave to enter this strange world but to step through to the other side is almost too frightening to chance.

But someone has chanced it.

The question is, where do you fall in this new world? Will you fight on honors side, or fight against everything you know to be right. The choice is yours. Think hard, and never forget your destiny could change...just by opening a door.

GAME BEGINS NOW!. Join today!!!!!!!!!