December 15th, 2005


Iron Fic community

Iron fic is a fanfic community based on the show Iron Chef. It will eventually be a multi-fandom community but for now is just focusing on BtVS, AtS, and HP. There are both slash and het versions, with gen fic considered to be part of each.

The way it works is we have a het and a slash Iron Author for each character. Each month a challenger can challenge the Iron Author of their choice, and the two writers will have a month to complete at least 1000 words, (these can be drabbles, ficlets, or one fic as long as the total is 1000 words) using the secret ingredient (which is nothing but a prompt). We know everyone has busy schedules, but you don't need to worry. There will only be two Iron Authors and two challengers writing every month, (one het and one slash each). Iron Authors only need to write if they've been chosen by a challenger, and even then if you're not available to write that month then the Challenger can always go with their second choice for Iron Author.

The goal of the community is to bring together talented authors to write fanfic. While it technically is a contest between two writers it's really just an excuse to have fun and read good fic.

We've already got our first het and slash challenges underway and judging will begin soon for both. There's still plenty of spots left open for both het and slash Iron Authors and judges for all three fandoms. Anyone is free to be a challenger and betas are always welcome.

The community can be found here

Sign-ups for slash Iron Authors and judges can be found here

Sign-ups for het Iron Aunthors and judges can be found here

Sign ups for het and slash challengers can be found here (slash) and here (het)

Please check it out and sign up to participate or just stay for the good fics. :)