May 23rd, 2005


Come join __beauty_within!
We are a GREAT rating community with already 80 members!!
~Two nice mods
~80 Members
~Bi-weekly themes
~Members are stamped every three days
~Easy Application: No picture required. Voted on INNER BEAUTY!
~Open Minded-Fair Voting
~Random Posts are Allowed
~Promoting is Allowed
~Read the rules on the Userinfo to Apply!!

So, come join us at __beauty_within!! It's a AWESOME community that we'd love more members at!

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INNER BEAUTY Rating Community!!!

Come join us at innerbeautyx!!

[X] Over 70 Members!
[X] Thought-inducing application: NO picture required!
[X] NO Drama!
[X] Three awesome mods!
[X] Open-Minded AND Tolerant Community!
[X] VERY nice members; you can make a friend
[X] A close family that you could be a part of!
[X] Encourage controlled debates and discussions
[X] Get to know yourself and others better
[X] We'll give advice on your problems!

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