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3rd May 2015


You’ve heard of mob families, street gangs, but you’ve never heard of anything like this.
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are you looking for an alternative, a new home for your character or for your already established line? chi-townrp is an active, open-minded, kink and slash/femme friendly game with a realistic but fun approach and where you can write your character exactly as you envision them, be it a gangster, a med student or an opera singer. we've been around for over a month now and are going strong. we have four different crime families and other groups to choose from and many businesses for your character to own or to work at, you are even welcome to add your own! we offer a laid back and diverse community for all kinds of writers, characters and plots. please check out our wanted page!

no examples are needed to apply! we're both threading and aim friendly.

20th January 2011

So eager for
The battle did not go according to plan, and Victoria was outraged to find out that her numbers were no longer in tact. She hadn't set out on that journey only to fail, and when brought face to face with one of her many enemies, she fled the scene with Riley into seclusion. Time to regroup was all she needed in order to succeed, but would it be enough? And though it was a victory in many respects, this wouldn't be the end of her vendetta against the Cullen clan.

What if James had never really died? What if there was someone waiting in the wings for the Cullens to disperse and collected his ashes before he was completely turned to nothing but dust? He spent the months biding his time, and watching Victoria's actions from afar, amused by the lengths she would go to to avenge his murder. Unbeknownst to them, he tracked Alice, Bella and Edward all the way to Italy, keeping his distance all the while.

With Victoria at a desperate point to bring down the Cullens and the Volturi offering to help despite their own turmoil in their inner circle, will James ever let his existence be known again? Or will he continue to simply observe the going-ons around him? And just how will the Quileutes react to the idea of Jacob Black being the rightful Alpha male?

Now that a war is about to begin, what side will you choose?
eternal damnation.

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1st December 2010




Just a month ago, former mutants who'd received the shot to take their powers away began witnessing a return of their powers. Only these powers were ten times stronger than anything they'd felt before. Some were able to control themselves, but others were not so lucky. Now, with security and safety uncertain, it seems the wall between humans and mutants is rising up again.

Only days ago, and underground anti-mutant cell held its first official meeting. Tired of dealing with the mercurial habits of mutants, they have decided to retaliate against them. In just two weeks' time they will gather men and women from every walk of life, anyone who is willing to go in to Xavier's school with weapons drawn, and take as many mutants with them to hell as they can. Some are even mutants themselves, disgusted with what they may turn back into or have already returned to, and willing to strike a blow that could signify the ends of mutants.

This is a movie!canonverse game to start, but it won't stay that way for long. We’re staring this game off with a literal bang, and it’s only going to get better from there.

Game opens DECEMBER 17.
Most Wanted: Emma Frost, Sean Cassidy, EVERYONE!

3rd October 2010


24th July 2010


8th June 2010

floralcigarette10:29am: Retro, glam, stock, Hollywood icons.

Clicking takes you to floralcig_icons

21st May 2010

pretty_hostel6:12pm: daily_tunes: a music comm

Daily music comm. A song a day selected by just some chick. Downloads available.

10th May 2010


30th April 2010


22nd April 2010

itoydiva11:34pm: Calling All Women!!!!

Enhance relationships from the bedroom to the bank. Be your own boss! Passion Parties, the leading sensual products party plan is seeking independent consultants to help meet growing the demand of in-home parties. Get paid to party! No experience needed. Training provided. Host a party (free Products, Hostess Specials and more!), order online or join the in-home party-plan industry.

Do you want a job worth having? Are you looking for a better future? Come join my team of Toy Divaz and make you wildest dreams come true. I have my own business with Passion Parties. We are dedicated to improving relationships through in-home presentations of our sensual products and empowering women everywhere. There is no experience needed, all training is provided, unlimited income, unlimited opportunities. Owning your very own business has tremendous benefits! I know a lot of women are struggling financially, so if you are one of those women but you really want to become a consultant, let me know and we can work something out. I'll help you get started as soon as possible!

Email me for more details! Ask all and any questions you have!
O.o°•Every time I go to work, I end up at a party•°o.O
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Parties by Dee

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2nd April 2010


...the earth was no longer the same and never would be again.


Game begins as soon as we have ten approved characters.

15th March 2010


9th March 2010

dontgetanyolder1:35am: Love Star Trek: The Next Generation and enjoy icon making? Then join tng_stillness !

30th October 2009


28th October 2009

dontgetanyolder3:49am: like Dexter? then join our interactive community! PLEASE APPLY FOR A TEAM while/before joining, so I know where to put you,. thanks!

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22nd October 2009

rageandpride4:02pm: Long Ago and Far Away...

Hello everyone! longago_love is community for Historical and Epic Fantasy TV Shows, MiniSeries,
Books and Movies. If you're a fan, don't waste any time and join!

18th October 2009


7th October 2009


Welcome to Franklin County, New York

The Game


The Details

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Most Wanted

Personal Lines
All is peaceful here in Franklin County. Until the bombs. In this time of crisis, as sensible people become paranoid, personal agendas take over and well-kept secrets threaten to be revealed, some people will find an inner strength they never knew they had, and the most unlikely heroes will emerge. As a mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, the town is thrown into a frenzy and police try to keep order in the face of the unthinkable. The fear and panic that begins to grip the town is palpable — each person dealing with it differently.

How would you react if you knew there was a nuclear strike not far from where you lived? You are cut off from the rest of the world, there is no new information coming in, and then the more immediate threat kicks in.

Were you safe at home? Were you driving, flying somewhere else? With the knowledge that you have your life and nothing else, what will you do? What side will you fight on when war inevitably breaks out?

The question is, where do you fall in this new world? Will you fight on honors side, or fight against everything you know to be right. The choice is yours. This is Franklin, a place survivors gather to try and rebuild.

Franklin County is unabashedly based on the plot of the ill-fated CBS show, Jericho. We do not claim any ownership to the premise, or any of the major plot points we hit. We're just fans. Nerdy fans who make no apologies.

GAME BEGINS NOW!. Join today!!!!!!!!!

30th September 2009

nowcarpediem4:21am: Interactive Communities
The following are all interactive gaming community (not RPGs) where we do challenges based with graphics, fanfics, trivia, luck games, episode or book talk, and much more. You compete in teams against each other in 4 rounds a year to win!

Books/Movies: Harry Potter @ hpotterland
Books/Movies: Twilight @ forksland
TV Show: Charmed @ charmedland
TV Show: Chuck @ chhuckland
TV Show: Gilmore Girls @ ggirlsland
TV Show: Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice @ greysland
TV Show: Ghost Whisperer @ gwhispererland
TV Show: Heroes @ heroesland
TV Show: How I Met Your Mother @ himymland
TV Show: House, M.D. @ housemdland
TV Show: NCIS & NCIS: LA @ ncisland
TV Show: Scrubs @ scrubsland
TV Show: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles @ tsccland
TV Show: The Tudors @ tudorsland
TV Show: Veronica Mars @ vmarsland
TV Show/Movies: Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1 & Stargate: Universe @ stargateland
TV Show/Books: Vampire Diaries @ vampdland

29th September 2009

your_matcher4:35am: Brand New Game
It all starts when you fall...
You've fallen. It happens every day. People fall, they get up, and get on with their lives. Not this time. This time you've fallen into a new world, a new time and for most, something they've never quite experienced before.

Welcome to Match Hotel, where the motto is: "If we can't find you a match, you'll never leave."

How you got here--only one person knows. She's not telling. Why you're here? Simple: for some reason or another, something has kept you from the one you're supposed to love, be it death, war, society, even your world, it could be anything. Can you leave? Sure, but only after you've fallen in love with someone and have agreed to go home with them. Don't worry, we'll find you someone. We've gathered people from many different worlds just for this purpose.

So what now? You're going to be matched by a wonderful match-maker who will find you someone perfect. You shouldn't be afraid, everything has been taken care of. Your stay should be entirely comfortable.


Match Hotel is a panfandom game set in a luxury hotel where all the "guests" will have arranged dates, parties, and various other activities. The group revolves around these dates but interaction is not limited to them. In fact, there's absolutely nothing stopping the characters from exploring their surroundings and taking full advantage of everything the hotel has to offer.



your_matcher - Mod Journal
matchhotel - Log Community
matchhotelooc - OOC Community

Hotel Layout/Rooming
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
General community idea from catchmeacatch

20th September 2009


14th August 2009


24th July 2009


11th July 2009

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