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Anyone listen to Maximo Park?...I think they are awesome. I can't get enough of their album. And Paul Smith is the hyper version of Jarvis Cocker- Im sure. They are amazing live to. I actually met the Paul Smith, hes a top bloke

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suede fanclub t-shirt for sale

I was hoping a fellow Suede fan might find some joy in this unworn original vintage Suede fanclub t-shirt.
EDIT: Size Large

I bought it through the Suede Information Service (remember them?) last century but never had the chance to wear it.

I was thinking of putting it on ebay but wanted to gauge interest from the fans.

Contact me with an offer if you are interested and celebrate your love and poison for the Suede that is no more!



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The Weird Sisters

My Harry Potter mention of Ian Brown also brought up Jarvis and Johnny Greenwood in Goblet of Fire.
They're apart of the band, The Weird Sisters and Jarvis wrote three songs (Which in my opinion, are brilliant, I love them, they're my most played songs in iTunes).

If you wanna find these songs without buying the soundtrack, they're called:
'Do The Hippogriff'
'This is the Night'
'Magic Works'

Try pairing them with Jarvis Cocker, Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire, Johnny Greenwood or the Weird Sisters for keywords and they should come up. The song title + Goblet of Fire or Harry Potter seems to work best, at least if you're using Limewire.

Just thought I'd mention it if any Jarvis fans that don't have them are interested because they're fun songs.

PS: I'd upload them myself, but I'm dial up that is slow even for dial up because Broadband isn't available in my area *stabs Telstra*
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She's a 20th Century Girl.

WHOA. I think I may have actually spasmed or the like when I found this community, I was so damn excited.
I've always been a Brit Music fan, but it became an obsession recently when I read 'The Last Party' by John Harris (Anyone else read it?). It's focus is Blur and Oasis, but also Pulp, Suede and Elastica. There's a bit of Sleeper, Menswear, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses (The whole Acid House era to give you an idea of what the 90s were beginning as. It's the whole Britpop scene and it's involvment with British politics), The Smiths, New Order, Joy Division... There's more I can't remember I'm sure.

A LOT of Alan McGee who's now at Rogue Trade working with the likes of The Libertines so also if you're interested in him as well...

Drugs, sex, rock 'n' roll and politics. Really. Good. Book.

Pulp, Blur and Oasis have deep sentimental value because I grew up on Pulp and Blur (The earliest music video I ever remember seeing is 'Country House') and 'Wonderwall' is song that connects me to the people I used to hang out with. At one party we all say around drinking, someone whipped out a guitar and we all sand 'Wonderwall' and 'Buffalo Soldier' (Lol not that Bob Marley has much to do with this community). Also Oasis were my first ever paid for live band (The real first being Dandy Warhols, which was free), which was an brilliant show by the way, even with "side impeded view" seats.

I idolise Damon Albarn, I think he is such an amazing musician (Anyone seen Ravenous? The music for that was brilliant).

So yep, just an intro post really. Hi!

PS: Any Harry Potter fans here? In Prisoner of Azkaban, y'know that guy sitting down reading a Stephen Hawking book, twirling a teaspoon around with his finger absent mindedly? It's Ian Brown!
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