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Any other Space fans on here? Most people seem to think they split up a few years ago but no they are still together and making music! They released their third album (well, fourth album if you include the un-released Love You More Than Football) Suburban Rock'n'Roll early on this year and I totally love it. You can visit their website here

Sadly they seem to get very little publicity and media attention now, hence the fact most people don't even realise they're still going. They're playing a few dates in November and December which I'd encourage anyone to go to. Tickets for most dates are £10 or £12, though the Chelmsford gig's been reduced to only £7! Dates are:

13th November - Civic Theatre, Chelmsford - 01245 606505 or
18th November - The Boardwalk, Sheffield - 0870 145 1207 or or Ticketweb
10th December - Carling Academy, Liverpool - Ticketweb
16th December - Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge - 01384 390918 or

Hope to see some of you there!

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