December 17th, 2004

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Well... I will stay away from explaining the hostory of why this mix has been made. It has taken me a few months to get it right in my head and a few hours of recording but here it is. Hopefully the message is apparent...

Love Will Tear Us Apart :: joy division
Temptation :: new ordr
Wickerman :: pulp
Blind :: tv on the radio
Not Me :: this mortal coil
Anyonne :: the moving units
The Upstairs Room :: the cure
Blue Monday :: new order
Contact :: the prids
Labour of Love :: dead can dance
Well I Wonder :: the smiths
Late in the Day :: supergrass
The 15th :: wire
Don't Bring Reminders :: colin newman
Between Us & Them :: the moving units

I thought that since the majority of this is British-orientated I could get away with posting this here...

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