October 17th, 2004

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Re: this community being dead.

I'm working on it. coaxme is the new co-mod. We're gonna get all high-tech in this bitch.

I saw Hope of the States, The Music and Dogs Die in Hot Cars (three times in fact) in the last few days. What was the last British band you saw live?
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i am on the hunt for more information regarding scottish rock band "foil". i have the album "never got hip" [i do not even know how i got it!], and the single for the song "superhero no.1", as found in the same album [i got this one in dublin for cheap!].

the band has a remarkable sound, similar to the pixies, but are unmistakenly scottish.

has anyone any idea as to where to find more?

does anyone know a more appropriate community for these questions?

thank you!