June 30th, 2004


Late 90s/Early 00s Glam or Britpop Type Band

I just remembered that a few years ago, I had a cd [which I seem to have misplaced] by a band I can't remember the name of.

I got the CD in 99-01. It was a CD that came with a cardboard sleeve over the CD case.

It was a glam rock, or Britpop type band [though they may not have been British], and though all the members weren't Asian, the singer in the CD picture looked partially Asian. They all had glam/mod type haircuts and fashion.

It wasn't Pulp, but they were kinda like that. Oh, and the cardboard sleeve, I believe, was in greyscale.

I can't remember any song titles, but do any of you know what band this may have been?

I want to say they had a song about a celebrity on the CD...can't remember who though, but I may be wrong about this last bit. I don't think they were very well known.