May 31st, 2004

brian aubert

Posters up for grabs

Hello everyone. I hope I'm allowed to post this; if not, I apologize and I'll delete the post.

I have the following that I'm giving away:
2 Radiohead/Kings of Leon NME Awards pictures (perfect condition)
1 Har Mar Superstar/Brody Dalle NME Awards picture (perfect condition)
1 Kurt Cobain NME 10 Years Gone poster (the collage side is in better condition than the Kurt side, although not bad condition)

I would post pictures of them but I can't figure out how to work my new digital camera.

I'll give them to you for free, but I'm willing to trade for some other similar stuff. Perhaps a Jet/Franz Ferdinand NME Awards picture, or other NME free stuff. Leave a comment, e-mail me (, or both. Thanks.

PS: my mom just saw the Har Mar Superstar picture and asked my dad why there was a picture of him from high school lying around. (she was only half kidding)

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