March 3rd, 2004

the clinical perils of rawness

Event you ask?

It's a long day. Nothing to do usual. Been down to the garage last night. We stayed there till midnight jamming and playing records. It's great that our newest member gets on with the rest of the band because it's hard to find people who actually get along with people. We did this new song...very very weird...skips beats and so on.

Someone said we sounded like mash. Hahahah mash.the mash. Maybe because we're so 'raw'. Yeah we have this term for describing our messiness. We call it RAW.Yeah, that MUST be it somehow.I mean...what are some people on?

So I was thinking..of these band
Murder At Tescos, The Mash,, The No No Nos, My Little Phony, My First Frog-Kiss, or My First Che Guvera T-Shirt, or Your First I-Hate-Everything t-Shirt. Pretty much shit, you'll agree. We just need a name to define us now. the Rawness. Ugggghhhhh.

What am I on??!!!
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