March 2nd, 2004

someone built a candycastle for my sweet sixteen

There's nothing worth watching on the telly these days. And there's nothing worth saying that hasn't been said before. So all I'm saying right now is a bunch o' bollocks. Brilliant! I've cut my tv listing/viewing into a few preferences. The only things actually worth seeing on tv are The Young Ones, Dad's Army, The morning cookery show (maltese channel), Only Fools and Horses, Eastenders(yes yes, hit me please), and The Pavlov Protocol.I HATE TV. Nothing but a set of plastic images acting all diplomatic. It's like commercials - you KNOW you hate the product, but you'll but it anyway because Kate Moss tried it and felt worth it. Been bored lately, so last night we went down to the garage. We have this band called DADA Delegation. We've got some serious messiness in our sound. But we like to call it 'RAW'. We're more punk than rock n' roll, and more noisy than 100 blowing whistles. Anyone here into Dada? oh right. That's a bunch of crap too.But I love it. "Nothing is worth doing then that they tell you is impossible." Wilde
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    von bondies - lack of communication