January 9th, 2004

brian aubert
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Hi everyone, I'm Barrie, I'm 15 and I'm from New Jersey.

Um, I like "good music", lol. Check out my interests for more specifics.

Oh yeah, while I'm posting, if anyone knows anything about:
Kula Shaker shirts (besides ebay)
the Gyres
...I'd really appriciate any info, etc. Thanks.

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hey everyone,
i'm vanessa,
and i love pulp probably too much.
to the point where i have the pulp dvd and no region 2 dvd player.
that's how much.
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    the rapture - alabama sunshine

dandy warhols-rave up

i think i am now posting a messave on the community. cool.
im nikki and i like good music. (that was easy enough!) eh, this is really groovy.
but i must be going.

out like a trout!
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    dandy warhols..wait.... now pulp...wait now blur...