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Musik that nobody needs [24 Mar 2009|04:04pm]

ДЮДРОК _____ (К А Ч А Й ! )
Терапия души_____ (К А Ч А Й ! )
ШаманЫ _____ (К А Ч А Й !)
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Article about Britpop from MSN [11 Mar 2009|01:53pm]

[ mood | bored ]


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[03 Nov 2008|05:54pm]

Is anyone going to see Oasis in London (Ontario) on Dec 15th from Toronto (ON) and can offer a ride? (will pitch in for gas)
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Manifesto "Dyudrok" (The new paralell reality) [03 Nov 2008|05:55pm]

(New Experimental Art)

1. In connection with the so-called global crisis art movement "POP-REVOLUTION"
(with the partial assistance of ART-REVOLUTION) and the artist Artyom Suslov
as well as several other free artists decided to create and implement the concept of
promotion of new art "Dyudrok."

The essence of this art is to re-establish the own way of avant-garde and surrealism.
Dyudrok included any avant-garde and modern art with blurred boundaries of genres and
unlimited fantasy of the author.

At the moment, the world economic system as well as world political system infringe
on the majority of rights, freedoms, opportunities and even hopes of man.
In this regard, decreasing the creative capacity of most people because
it decreases the level and scope of vision as well as the hope of translating its
into reality. At the time of the current crisis, a simple man forgets about high ideals,
he dreams at a low level. Dyudrok must to protect people from objective reality.
We believe - the objective reality that is at this level of crisis can and should move to
second place. We have the right to push it into second place if we give to the man a
new reality, which will carry the title of "objective". what is now "objective" will take
second place, or just disappear for a man.

Accordingly, we believe that everyone, regardless of his religious beliefs, his status in
the society, and regardless of the sanctions, which in future could be taken against the
"Dyudrok" has the right to go to the new reality at any time, partially or completely .

2. In our view, any human rights organization and any commission or authority that
to deal with human rights have the obligation to protect the right of every adult
in the transition, partial or complete, in a different reality.

3. If the man who entirely gone in a different reality according with the laws of this reality
can no longer be capable - this is his personal decision as the new reality does not contradict
the existing laws and not causing harm to anyone. Neither does the campaign leading cause harm.
No one is obliged to support the individual's life in old reality when he left a letter of
advice (note) with the signatures of witnesses.

4. The departure of a reality, as well as assistance in this, not an injury to humans,
because the only thing involved in this process - the human imagination.
But imagination does not belong to the bodi, as well as the experiments of the imagination
is not harmful for the rights of mental functions.
Accordingly, there is no room for any regulations on the intentional infliction of harm or death to
humans. Also note that imagination is fully subject to his master.

5. Relatives and friends of man who passed away in a different reality have the right to challenge the
decision through the courts or through the human rights organizations and and demand to return
him to the reality in which they are located. In doing so, c. 5 is partly contrary to the core - 1 item,
and further debate on this soil can be resolved only in the mutual agreement of the parties.

6. As Dyudrok is not limited with anything and depends only on the human imagination,
it does not conflict with any law and religious customs.

7. For the same reason (not limited and opportunity
giving own properties) Dyudrok and concept its development
and its veneration is not any organization or religion
nor the political movement. Because Dyudrok do not have its own symbols and beliefs.

The author of the Manifesto is Artyom Suslov.
Art - Movement "POP-REVOLUTION"
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The Thought Criminals sign to WTII Records & New Promo Video... [27 Oct 2008|08:39pm]


The Thought Criminals new Album out on 11/11/2008 on WTII RECORDS

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The Verve Album OUT TODAY! [26 Aug 2008|06:46pm]

The Verve album, Forth, is out TODAY!!!!




• Deluxe Boxset: A deluxe boxset will be available solely from The Verve's Official Store. This version will consist of a double heavyweight gatefold LP vinyl (containing two bonus tracks not on the CD version of the album), limited edition CD & DVD edition of the album, and an exclusive memorabilia tour book.

• CD & DVD Package: Available from play.com for £8.95 Delivered: A special CD and DVD package, featuring an exclusive band documentary and live footage from The Verve's headlining appearance at Coachella in May 2008, packaged in a case bound tour book.

• Heavyweight LP: Available exclusively from The Verve's Official Store: LP includes 2 tracks not featured on the CD or CD/DVD albums.

• Original CD Album: You can also buy the standard CD album FROM The Verve's Official Store.

• Digital Download:
If you pre-order the album from itunes you'll receive 'Judas' as soon as you place your order, as well as exclusive live versions of 'Lucky Man' live from Coachella 2008 and 'A New Decade' live from Glastonbury 2008.
7 Digital: Album Of The Week: 'Forth' is available at a special price of £5 until the end of next week.


• Original CD Album: Available from Amazon for $7.99.

• Digital Download:Available for $9.99 from itunes, people buying from here will receive a bonus track ‘Mama Soul’ and an exclusive documentary feature.


::can now die happy that the verve have a new album out::
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the new Verve Album [20 Aug 2008|03:19pm]

you can hear it here. my favorite song is definitely "Sit & Wonder" ... "Noise Epic" is a close second... what about you?:

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Blur reunion? [22 May 2008|01:56pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

In an effort to revive this community, here's a question:

A while back Damon Albarn said that there will not be a Blur reunion. Now Alex James is saying there is a chance it could happen eventually. What do you think?


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The Thought Criminals New Single Suicide Bomber and Video [10 Sep 2007|02:43pm]

"The Thought Criminals - Suicide Bomber"

Buy now from Itunes

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Calling all Morrissey fans (urgent help needed) [17 Feb 2007|06:07pm]

Last chance to download Morrissey into the charts

As some of you may know Morrissey fans over at Morrissey–solo.com have been organizing a campaign to try and get a track from Morrissey’s latest album ‘Ringleader of the tormentors’, the beautifully haunting, ‘Life is a Pigsty’ into the charts.

We’ve been downloading ‘Life is a Pigsty’ all this week but time is running out and for this to work we need more people to get involved.

So please if you have a spare 79p please download ‘Life is a pigsty’ and help us make this dream a reality.

The chart countdown begins at 4pm on Sunday so there’s less than 24 hours left.

We need one final effort from everyone. If you haven’t downloaded ‘Pigsty’ yet then please do and if you already have, and can please download it again.

Non-uk fans can also take part. For more information go to http://www.getmozinthecharts.vze.com/

Please do all you can to help? Your hero needs you

Please, Please, Please let us get what we want this time. (You see what I did there)

Thank you

Pigsty video
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The Thought Criminals - I Wanna Be A Celebrity Single [16 Jan 2007|11:37am]

[ mood | amused ]

The Thought Criminals - I Wanna Be A Celebrity (single)
buy now from itunes


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The Thought Criminals - Die Young Stay Pretty (alb [24 Nov 2006|03:16pm]

music music
clickto buy from music non stop
buy now from sister ray records
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The Thought Criminals : I Wanna Be A Celebrity out 30/10/06 digital single [17 Oct 2006|05:06pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

lets take back the charts

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essential britpop collection [10 Jun 2006|02:11pm]

hi everybody,

first post here. i was just wondering what albums people think should be in the "essential britpop collection" (say about 20-25 albums). i just know i'm missing some major artists but i don't know where to start with them. as you can see, i'm a pulp fan. i also own blur, oasis, catatonia and ash (they're irish, do they count?) and have been meaning to get a stack of albums that i'm only just getting around to. i'm very mid-90s in my taste(although i do like the cure as well), but i'm open to earlier/later stuff as well if you can recommend it to me.

thankyou all in advance.
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Hello everyone [07 May 2006|11:09am]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi Hi hullo!!
Martina 17 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, joining here :)

I actually just created my LJ 2 days ago, so forgive me as I'm still learning how to use everything propperly

I'm obsessed with Franz Ferdinand currently (running their FC here along with a friend) and I have always liked Oasis. I'm also becoming to get interested in HIM, which my friend is making me listen ...

and oh well, I have to say this: I was born in the wrong continent, I should be in London, not here!

but I guess I can fix that later haha

so that's all for me now, I guess I'll see everyone later on!

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Hello :) [22 Apr 2006|01:32pm]

Hey everyone I just joined.
My name is Elise, I'm 16 and live in Alabama.
I have a huge obsession with Oasis and I was lucky enough to see them in Nashville last month.
Feel free to add me if you'd like :)
Anyway just thought I'd introduce myself.
Have a good day!
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MANIX [10 Apr 2006|06:45pm]
would anyone happen to have a link to the holy bible by the manic street preachers on the webz? help a common person out!
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This is the Night [07 Apr 2006|02:43am]

Hello all,
I'm new here and I was wondering if any of you had the Jarvis Cocker songs from the Harry Potter film. I have "This is the Night" but I'd like to hear "Do the Hippogryph" and "Magic Works." Thanks!
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[19 Mar 2006|06:19pm]

Are there any people who listen to The Adicts?

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Buzzcocks in Madrid [17 Mar 2006|11:39am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Hi there, the Buzzcocks will play in Madrid on 6th April, thursday. Is anyone from or livin' in Madrid who want to come or take a drink before/after the concert?

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