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We like to whore around.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

The Comment Whores
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Welcome to the community _commentwhores.
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Contacting The Mods

Kristie squealer:
- AIM: vixen095
- YIM: vixen095
- Email: squealer@livejournal.com

Tiffany ordinaryfool:
- MSN: lady_vader
- Email: lady_vader@msn.com

Christina shameinyou:
- Email: blackholesun122@aol.com

Chris pianodude34:
- AIM: ThePianoManiac
- YIM: ProtoZoa14
- Email: chrish495@msn.com

Shirley sdenning
- AIM: Sdenning80
- YIM: Sdenning80
- Email: sdenning_80@hotmail.com

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