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Post #16!

You guys are awesome! Sorry I haven't been around LJ much at all lately, and therefore neglected the community for a bit, but I appreciate any of you still commenting here. Let's keep this community going! Comment away!

Started [10/11 2:03 PM CST]
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Post #15: Take Two

Okay, I know pianodude34 has started a new version of this community that can keep track of all the comments made, which is really cool, and not something I can really do. But, well, I like it here and don't want to see the place just die. So I'm using whatever moderator powers I may have to keep the posts coming as long as people want to keep commenting. Any _commentwhores with me?

Started [8/2 10:11 PM CST]
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Post #14:

Wow, only 14 days for Post #13! Great job, everyone.

Goal for this post: to be completed in 11 days (done by 8/8/05); That's 455 comments per day. We can do it, though!

START: 7/27/05 9:31 PM PST; FINISH: 7/30/05 12:39 PM PST
Thanks to all who participated!

Thanks to empress544 for finishing up post #13!