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Even though this place is dead maybe someone will respond...
If anyone has these songs and could send me them I'd be very happy. I searched for them on google and downloading places like ares and no luck.

Bow To The Prom King - from "Commander Venus/Drip Split" 7" (1996)
Congratulations! - from "The Uneventful Vacation" 12" (1998)
Pay Per View - from "Apollo's Salvage Compilation" CD (1995)
It Is Fun To Grow Ornamental Peppers - from "Do You Feel At Home?" (1996)

And any other rare ones you might happen to have. Also lyrics if you have them, for any song below:

Judy Blume
Callin' Soo Young
Sunny Slope

And yeah I've looked on lyric sites. A billion of them.