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_comic_icons_'s Journal

An icon community for comics of all sorts
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All Members , Moderated
This is an icon community for comics. You may also wish to check out my other icon community, book_icons.


Pretty simple... All icons, whether posted or requested, must have something to do with comics. They can be about newspaper comics, webcomics, comic books, manga, whatever. Even graphic novels. They can be from movies and tv shows based on comics. Please mention what comic each icon is from, though.

More than three icons, or more than two moving icons have to go behind a cut. Some people have slow computers and internet connections, or just don't like to scroll down 20 icons on their friends page. You can find out how to make an LJ-Cut here.

If somebody asks for credit, YOU HAVE TO CREDIT THEM. There's no reason NOT to, it doesn't hurt anybody, and it prevents fights. A popular method of crediting involves going here and typing the name of the icon creator into the keywords. If you would rather credit the artist, you can do that in addition to crediting the icon creator.

On a related note, if somebody doesn't credit you, you can't make a new post to complain about it. There's other communities for that, and your own journal, not to mention the original post.

And the final rule has to do with community postings. If you have a community you think is related, you can contact me to have it put on this page. The best way to contact me is by commenting in my journal, conuly, because I'm horrible at checking my email. Just mention something in the most recent post. The OTHER option is to post a few icons and then, preferably using sub tags so the writing is small post a short ad for your related community. I do NOT want plain "join this comm" posts here. Everything should have something to do with comic icons. Please note that I can break this rule at will. It's my community, after all.

If you're looking for a specific icon, please feel free to check the memories.

If you have a suggestion for the interests list, or any other suggestion for the community, you can make a post here or just comment on my journal, conuly.