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Fucking faggots

They're all just fucking faggots

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<♥This community is for the open disscussion of homosexual issues♥

The rules
Please read the rules before filling out an application.
No Bashing
♥Members need to vote.Every vote counts but the mods have the final word.
♥New applicants can only post in their application entry untill accepted.
♥Applicants MUST be nice to the members, or they will be banned.
♥Everyone must be nice to each other
♥Members have 3 days to vote.
♥Please post your application within 24 hours of joining.
♥There is a limit to 3 posts per day per member. Excessive posting gets ♥annoying, and floods peoples' friends pages.
♥Members cannot judge on whether other members' votes are legitimate. If ♥you do this, you get warned, if you continue after you get warned, you're ♥banned.
♥Members should feel free to post random ♥entrys/pictures/banners/whatever... just be active!
♥If you are racist, sexist, a homophobe or in anyway prejudice, you will be ♥banned.
♥If you haven't been stamped, don't or post... ANYTHING.
♥If you are rejected, you may never re-apply
♥If you are banned, you may never re-apply, and you may never post ♥comments, and you must leave this community immediatly.
♥To get accepted, you need at least half of the members votes, but the mods ♥have the final say.
♥Once accepted, you must promote in 3 places, in addition to your promoting ♥in the application, within 1 week and give proof.
♥To show me that you have read the rules, put "Comfort me please" in the ♥subject line.
♥And once your accepted.Please place one of the accepted banners into your personal profile,Thanks!

♥Gay Rights Pictures!♥

Image hosted by 

Image hosted by 

Image hosted 


Image hosted by 


Your moderators

Don't piss any of us off or you Will be banned!!

Image hosted by 

Yes yes yes I am Ryan and I am 14 years of age.I am alive and while I am here I am going to live out my
lie while it's here.I'm gay and if you have a problem with that then you really shouldn't be reading this.I Live In Temple Terrace Florida.Yeah it sucks but I live with it I suppose!I am in love with the ♥Rocky Horror Picture Show!♥!!!!So yeah I love meeting new people so you can IM me any time.If you want my screen name just go to my journal you sillys!!!
Thank you and

Okay yeah were doing this at about 4 in the morning and she

is asleep being as she is a grown up(he coolest one I know)So this is still under construction.
Image hosted by 

I finally found a way to cut my picture and put it in Photobucket.So yeah..I'm Shorty. -.- I am 12..DON'T SHUN ME -holds arms in defense position with eyes shut- >.<


The Banners!
So heres the deal with the banners everyone!
You use these to promote.
To promote with these banners you copy and paste the code under the banner you want into the text box!I got complaints that I didn't explain more on how to promote so I am now!
Thank you and promote promote promote!♥

The Application

Just type the anwsers after the codes:)
This is what you will be jugded upon.
If me or one of the other mods don't like your application,
or don't think you would be right for the community,
you will not be accepted♥

Thank you and good luck!♥